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ValidID - Solicitors

As a solicitor you will understand the importance of performing a factual and robust anti-money laundering check.

ValidID is a tool in use by several solicitors who would like as much information as possible about their potential client, included within the anti-money laundering check. ValidID offers good hard facts about the identity of an individual and their address, alongside validating several documents (passport and driving licence). It enables you to perform other checks on your client, for example - validating bank account details and national insurance numbers as well as informing you if they are on the voters roll, have any county court judgements, insolvency or bankruptcies etc.

Once any search has been completed it is stored within your account, however printing a certificate for the client file is also available through your ValidID check records.

ValidID is a great tool for ensuring your firm's reputational risk is protected. For more information on what types of data is checked please visit our prices page here.