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ValidID - Prices

Our annual membership fee is just £25 plus VAT.

Unlike many other providers our pricing model is no secret. We do not generate prices when we find out how affluent our clients are, our prices are what they are, which is why we have this page. We like to think that this no nonsense, honest approach leads to a better customer relationship, so if there is anything on this page you would like to discuss further please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

ValidID is compliant with the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group guidance.

Best of all, we do not insist on any minimum commitment, so you can do as much or as little as you need to do without the worry of having to spend a certain amount of money or risk losing it.

Full price list

Membership is £25 per annum
This provides for all re-screening of client data after each and every sanctions list update, in compliance with Financial Sanctions legislation. 

Please note all prices are plus VAT 

CheckBasic ValidID
£2.50 + VAT
Enhanced ValidID
£3.00 + VAT
Name against voters roll tick tick
Date of birth verification tick tick
Sanctions list check  tick tick
PEP check tick tick
Death records tick tick
Gone away check tick tick
CCJ check tick tick
Insolvencies and Bankruptcies tick tick
Landline Telephone Check tick
Mobile Telephone Check tick
Passport Validation tick
Driving Licence Validation tick
Birth Records Check tick
Previous Address Check tick
Active Credit Accounts Check * tick
Credit/Debit Card Validation tick
National Insurance Number Validation tick
National Health Service (NHS) Number Validation tick
Electricity (MPAN) Number Check tick
Bank Account and Sort Code Validation tick

Additional checks that can be carried out within the system are costed as follows:

CompanyLookup £0.25 per company search
CompanyLookup Enhanced £1.00 per company search
PEP Search & Monitor (Updates for 12 months) £2.00 per individual per year
Day 1 PEP Search £0.40 per search
Basic ValidID check £2.50 per check
Enhanced ValidID check £3.00 per check
Standalone Passport Validation £0.40 per check
CCJ, IVA & Bankruptcy check £0.40 per check
Age Verification (18+) £0.40 per check
DBS screening Basic £39.80 per report (This price includes VAT)
DBS screening Standard £39.80 per report (This price includes VAT)
DBS screening Enhanced Please contact us for more information

Please note a valid Data Protection licence will be needed to use ValidID

‡ All re-screening for financial sanctions will be carried out on ValidID check customers after each and every sanctions list update as part of the membership fee.

* Credit active is a facility that has to be formally granted access on a firm by firm basis this can take one to two working days. All other aspects of the tool will be live immediately.

Are you looking to screen large numbers then contact us for a bespoke price 0843 713 0 444.

We can also offer contract monthly pricing which can spread both upfront and on-going costs.

We are happy for you to contact us to discuss your particular requirements. You can rest assured we will not try to sell you anything and at least, from the information above, you know what the price should be and you never know once we know how your business is structured we may be able to tailor a solution that is more affordable and appropriate to your needs.

Please note all prices are plus VAT