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ValidID - Estate and Lettings Agents

Being an Estate Agent or Lettings Agent you will probably already know that you should register with the HMRC in compliance with Money Laundering Regulations.

What many firms don’t know is there is also a legal requirement to screen clients against the Sanctions list held at HM Treasury. Failure to do this and deal with someone on the list can result in a substantial fine and or prison not to mention the reputational risk an infringement like this can bring to the business.

ValidID doesn’t just help you comply with all of your AML anti-money laundering requirements but with its unique Financial Sanctions tool which re-screens data after each and every sanctions list update means on-going compliance with financial sanctions legislation is also maintained.

Most importantly and what is of great benefit to agents is ValidID also provides brilliant tenant screening capabilities, with the inclusion of CCJ, Bankruptcy, IVA and live credit account data ValidID is an excellent credit screening tool which is already used by many letting agents. Amongst many other features, the tool also provides data on “gone away” and “voters role” so you can be sure that any prospective tenant is providing you with the most up to date address they have.

So if you are looking for a robust, compliant and effective seller, buyer and tenant screen tool then is one of the best solutions in the market providing both a simple and affordable way of meeting the threshold of AML and tenant screening.